Hey there, so glad you could stop by. My name is Brandon Smith and I'm a food photographer, stylist, & writer living in Oklahoma City.


Hi, my name is Brandon. Welcome to my blog, Dwelling Table.

By day I work in public relations and in my spare time I'm a home cook. I live in Oklahoma City with my wife and needless to say, we love food.

My blog is about returning to the gathering space within your own home where feast and family happen, the dwelling table. I only discovered a passion for food & cooking a few short years ago and as Julia Child would put it, "up until then, I just ate." Learning to cook and serve food has been a transformational experience for me that has totally redefined my relationship with food.

There's power in knowing about food and how to cook it, that in my opinion, parallels knowing how to read and write. This blog is where I chronicle the food I make and the lessons I'm learning as I grow in culinary wisdom. You will mostly find familiar favorites made from scratch - good food from fresh ingredients. My perspective on food is that, if you have the means, it should taste great and bring people together.

Thanks for visiting my blog!